How to Translate a WordPress Theme to Your Language

Translating a WordPress theme is easier than you think. As a premium WordPress themes developer, I get many requests from customers asking the way to translate a WordPress theme and I explain the same method every time someone asks for help. If your target audience is regional and they are not comfortable with English that is the default language for WordPress, it is essential for you to translate your theme.

This article explains how you can translate a translation-ready WordPress theme. All themes here at BloomPixel are translation-ready. You need to follow the following steps to translate your WordPress theme.

Translate WordPress Theme

1. First of all install and open Poedit

2. From Poedit File menu, select New From POT/PO File

3. Chose the .pot file in your theme’s folder and chose the language in which you want to translate your theme. In the screenshot below, I have chosen the German language. When you chose your language, just hit the OK button.


4. Now start translating your theme. You will see many translatable strings. You will see 3 main sections in the window. First section shows all the translatable strings in theme. Second section shows the selected string and in third section you can translate the selected string. Chose all the strings one by one and write their translations in the third box named as Translation:.

5. Once you are done with all the translation, you must save the file with proper naming convention as per your chosen language. For example if your chosen language is German, you must save the file with name de_DE.po and if your chosen language is Italian, you must save the file with name it_IT.po. You can find list of all the supported languages by WordPress here.

Select Translated File

There may be multiple language files in theme’s languages folder. You need to tell WordPress which file to use for your blog. To chose your translated file, go to Settings -> General and then chose the language from Site language dropdown list.

You must chose your desired language while installing WordPress otherwise you may not see your language in the dropdown list. Chosing language from list and saving the settings will also translate the WordPress admin panel as WordPress has translation files for languages listed in dropdown list.

That’s all! Now you will be able to see the translated text on your WordPress blog.


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4 Responses

  1. Dear Simrandeep,

    I chose the file goblog/inc/options/Reduxcore/languages/redux-framework, there I could find only one word “subscribe” to translate to turkish (from many words and sentences in the file). But the other words on my wesite like, “written by, read more, leave a comment.. etc” is not existing in this list to translate. Am I working on the wrong file? Plus even though from the beginning my choosen language is turkish for my web site and I saved the file tr_TR.po, this one word “subscribe” is not translated to turkish on my website.
    Could you please help me? What I am doing wrong here?


    1. Hi Ozge

      Please use comments section on our ThemeForest profile to get any kind of support. We are not much active here. You will get immediate response there.


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