These refund policies outline the rules and regulations for the use of BloomPixel’s Products and Services.

Since our products are available to be purchased exclusively through Themeforest, their refund policy applies to all our products.

We standby our products and believe in them. However, sometimes things don’t work out as expected and we are obliged to provide a refund.

We always advise you to get in touch with our Support Team, Watch Video Tutorials, and Read Documentation before making the decision of asking for a refund. Our Team is always there to assist you in solving your problems so that you can always benefit from our products.
Refunds will be offered at our sole discretion and must meet all of the following conditions fully:
To be eligible for a refund, your reason for return must be genuine and approved by our support staff. If you haven’t downloaded items, You will be eligible to get a refund without any question asked. We won’t provide refunds in the following cases
For knowing more details on each clause, please visit this link We reserve the right to reject a refund request if deemed necessary. By requesting and receiving a refund, you relinquish all ownership of your license and agree to cease the use of the product immediately. You can submit a refund request by opening a support ticket.

Acceptance of this Policy

When you are placing an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy properly. This also proves that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. We ask you not to place an order with us if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.

Resolving disputes

To be eligible for a refund, your reason for return must be genuine and approved by our support staff. Our Support Team and Refund Reviewer will take final decision on each refund request as per situation of case. You will get your refund support from our Support Center. If still have any questions or have any dispute in the refund process, please contact us at

Other Refund Rules