It's Story Time​

BloomPixel began its early journey as a small WordPress Tech Blog in 2009. After gaining extensive experience with WordPress, Blogging, and SEO, we decided to launch our WordPress Product Development Startup in August 2013 to sell Niche Blog/Magazine Themes. The mission behind it was to develop clean, light-weight and fast-loading themes for businesses and help them grow.

With this vision in mind, we listed ourselves as a Premium WordPress Theme Author on a very well-known digital products marketplace i.e. Themeforest. With the continued hard work and determination over a couple of years, BloomPixel achieved the Elite Author Status Badge with a milestone of $100000+ in sales and 5000+ happy customers.

Today, we have 20+ awesome WordPress Themes under our portfolio. Travelista and GoBlog are some of their top-selling themes to check out.

Why We Do it​

Building a website should be easy and hassle-free, but when you have a bunch of messy themes with bad coding underneath, it becomes a serious struggle.

As a Website Owner, just imagine your time being taken up by such inefficient themes that don’t function properly when you should be focusing on churning out amazing content and promote your website. A theme that only looks good from the front doesn’t mean that it is coded properly or optimized for Speed and SEO.

We started BloomPixel with an aim to help Website Owners with quality WordPress Themes that not only look amazing but are easy to use and also excellent at the performance. This gives them the freedom to focus on growing their website and not worry about the tech stuff. We’ve built numerous high-quality themes and have over 5000+ satisfied customers who we’ve helped in building better and effective websites.

WordPress is the most powerful open source CMS software for building innovative websites and apps. It powers almost up to 35% of the internet’s market share. It has helped us shape our careers and build successful businesses. So, we love contributing to this vibrant open-source WordPress community through free WordCamps, Themes, Plugins, and Tools.

Our Values & Ethics

This is what makes us stand out. We here at BloomPixel believe our work is equally important as our Values and Ethics. We follow these 5 basic principles that are the foundation of how we work.




Team Work

Customer Service

Our Product Building Process

Our product building process is mainly based on Innovation, Quality, and Teamwork. This has made possible for our themes to power 1000+ websites on the internet.
Our process is simple and straightforward:

Meet Our Team

Simrandeep Singh

Founder & Partner

Nishant Thakur

Content Marketing Head

Eza N


Gurpreet Singh


Life At BloomPixel​​

We at BloomPixel always try to keep the environment quite transparent and focused mainly on talent. We value and respect all employees, treat them equally as a vital part of BloomPixel. Although experience is important, we also appreciate a person’s capability so that they may grow to their fullest. We’re ambitious, hard-working and party-goers. We work hard and party hard as well. We got you covered with daily tea/coffee, weekly dinners, delicious snacks, and company events. If something is impossible and you strive hard to make it happen, you belong to BloomPixel.